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It’s a crazy thing what our mums do. Their strength and love for us is indescribable… Happy mother’s day mum, I love you.

True Story


My mom is a very simple woman. She doesn’t dress fancy, doesn’t even shop, doesn’t have hobbies. The thing is, I don’t think she was always like this. In fact, I know she wasn’t. Every couple years at a wedding or something, I’ll hear snippets of stories from her college roommates/friends about when she wore miniskirts and when she’d like to go dancing. Somewhere along the way, it faded, most definitely caused by her responsibility to her family and the family she was creating with my dad… me and my sister. But I know the vibrant, talkative, bright-eyed woman is still there.

In recent years I’ve had an ongoing issue with my mom.

My mom has dedicated so much of her life to raising me and my sister. When she had me, her brain and her heart were re-wired to always think of us, save for us, spend for us, provide…

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