The Beginning

So this is it, everybody- this is it! This is going to be the blog that I don’t abandon when I get too bored or busy and come back months later and have it stare at me asking, “Why Amy? Why did you leave me all alone? I thought this time was going to be different!”

Okay, so I don’t seriously imagine all my abandoned blogs scolding me, but in a way that’s kinda what it feels like when I look back at my blogging history. Every couple of years (Usually during the summer when I’m bored out of my mind), I like to create a new blog and tell myself how I’m going to dedicate so much time into make it pretty and rich with content blah blah blah… and they usually last for about 2-3 weeks before I move onto what seems to be more interesting hobbies or life just gets busy.

I use to have this blog when I was in grade school that talked about absolutely nothing and it had cheesy instrumental anime music in the background and the cursor animation was cute bubbles. The majority of it was photos of my friends with little comments below about how awesome they were. Every couple of weeks, I would update their photo and change the friend-blurb slightly, haha. It was actually so lame now that I think back to it, but at the time, I thought I was the shiiiiiz. Though my 7th grade friend-tracking blog was horrendously tacky, I think that was when I realized I actually really enjoy blogging. The concept of having an online diary to track my thoughts, daily activities, and inspirations really appealed to me, even at the age of 12. And so, for the past 10 years (oh my goodness I still can’t believe I’m turning 22 this year), I’ve been blogging here and there on various different platforms. I guess none of them ever stuck because I was preoccupied with so many other things throughout my teenage years that blogging just fell to the bottom of my priority list. BUT THAT’S ALL GOING TO CHANGE AS OF….. NOW.

This is the start of something freaking fantastic- I can just feel it! I promise you, blog, that I will keep you updated as frequently as I can and spoil you with all the juicy things that happen in my life (Sadly, I’m secretly an 80 year old grandma trapped in the body of a 21 year old, so sorry if my stories are sometimes a bit dry). So… here it goes! Cheers to the birth of ‘People, Places, & Things Beyond Me’!




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